Track Loaders

ModelDescription1 Day7 Day28 Day
SVL6565HP Cab Unit A/C Standard Flow$325$975$2,925
SVL7575HP Cab Unit A/C High Flow 9,200 lbs$350$1,050$3,150
SVL9595HP Cab Unit A/C Standard Flow 11,500 lbs$400$1,200$3,600


ModelDescription1 Day7 Day28 Day
KX01815HP Open 1 Bucket 3,800 lbs$250$750$2,250
U27Cab Heat Only 1 Bucket 6,000 lbs THUMB$275$825$2,475
KX033Open, 1 Bucket 7,300 lbs, THUMB$310$930$2,790
KX040Cab Bucket 9,200 lbs, THUMB$340$1,020$3,060
U55Open Station 12,000 lbs, THUMB$375$1,125$3,375
KX057Cab, 1 Bucket 12,000 lbs$450$1,350$4,050
KX080Cab, 1 Bucket 17,600 lbs, THUMB$420$1,260$3,780
KX033Cab, 36" Rotary Cutter Package$535$1,605$4,815

Utility Vehicles

ModelDescription1 Day7 Day28 Day
RTV X1120ROPS Unit$135$405$1,215
RTV X900ROPS Unit$135$405$1,215
RTV X1100Cab Unit$150$450$1,350

Turf Equipment

ModelDescription1 Day7 Day28 Day
BX23S23HP Loader Backhoe$210$630$1,890
BX/GR 54"/60Mower Rental$140$420$1,260
Z725 54"/60"Zero Turn Mower$140$420$1,260
M606060HP Tractor$250$750$2,250

Track Loader Attachments

ModelDescription1 Day7 Day28 Day
EA35Auger w/ 1 Auger 6", 18", 24" bits$175$525$1,575
SR2772Power Rake/Landscape Rack$199$597$1,791
AP-SC40-724" Rotary Cutter$275$825$2,475
AP-SSG25Stump Grinder$200$600$1,800
AP-AB84Angle Broom$190$570$1,710
 (Additional Bucket)(+$50)(+$150)(+$450)

Excavator Attachments

ModelDescription1 Day7 Day28 Day
KXB460QHyd. Breaker KX-33 | KX-40$200$600$1,800
KXB560QHyd. Breaker for U55/KX057$210$630$1,890
PC-350Plate Compactor$200$630$1,890
EA35Auger w/ 1 Auger 6", 18", 24" bits$175$525$1,575
 (Additional Bucket)(+$50)(+$150)(+$450)
103-60036" Rotary Cutter$275$825$2,475

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